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News and Updates

News and Updates
  • V3.5.0 Latest Release


    Added roles, profiles and data sharing permission administration.

    Added Zapier Integration.

    Added Lucrativ API key generation.

    Added dialer feature: live call monitoring (listen & barge live calls).

    Supported the data source connector: MySQL.

    Supported “Publish to Web” on reports and dashboards.

    Supported re-order of the custom groups and fields.

    Set to 12 hour time format.

  • V3.4.0


    Added ‘Activities & Notes’, ‘To-dos’, ‘Workflow’ and bulk operation in custom module.

    Supported the Bombbomb integration.

    Added ‘Text Alert’ feature and optimized the gathering logic of notification.

    Supported ‘Team Call History’ in dialer.

    Supported ‘Day-on-day’, ‘Week-on-week’ and ‘Year-on-year’ as values.

  • V3.3.0


    Updated ‘Prospect Routing’.

    Updated the architecture of Insights, re-defined the dashboard, folder and reports.

    Completed dialer setting process and added ‘Pause’ feature in Call List.

    Updated the method of adding ‘Tag’ while importing a list.

    Added a strong notification when browser time zone is different from Lucrativ’s time zone.

  • V3.2.0


    Added Google search, customer location and social media wights in Prospect/Opportunity/Contact overview tab.

    Added ‘Re-dial’ feature in Dialer ‘Recents’.

    Added report dashboard and chart features in Insights module.

    Supported Hubspot Integration.

    Supported ‘drag’ operation for adding pictures and attachments in email.

  • V3.1.0


    Added a new pipeline view to Opportunity list page.

    Added a new module called ‘Meeting’, synced with Google Calendar.

    Added several new actions in Workflow.

    Created a new custom report called ‘Funnel report’.

  • V3.0.0


    The feature of 'Do Not Contact' has been released.

    Added the feature of customization of dashboard interface.

    Added the feature of minimization of dialer and text panel.

    Released a new feature called ‘Gamification’.

    Updated a new trigger and a new condition in Workflow.

    Updated the report permissions.